We've had an awful lot of people ask us how to quickly fill out a Plantopia Easy Fill Basket. This is a basic guide which, with a bit of practice, shows how to make up a basket in only a few minutes! Note that basket liners or moss are not required.


In this example, we've used the most popular 14" variety of basket with twelve side holes. It doesn't matter which variety you use, the procedure is very much the same and the patches used in the side holes are identical. Your choice of plants may vary considerably - feel free to experiment with different combinations - but as a general rule, try to make sure to use upright plants for the sides as they will grow upwards, covering the majority of the patch. Save trailing plants for the top, near the sides, to further cover any obvious gaps.

For this case we've chosen:

  • Twelve hardy winter pansies for the sides along with a few extra for the top
  • Long trailing ivy
  • Large heather centrepiece
  • Silverleaf + Gaultheria for a little variety

It's also worth noting that we used a Plantopia Basket Stand in order to easily fill out this basket. With a sturdy stand and locking mechanism, you'll be able to fill your basket with ease - no danger of it tipping over and the basket will swivel freely allowing easy access.

So let's get started shall we?

Step 1

Fill the bottom of the basket with compost, up to the first row of holes and get some fresh plants ready.


You don't need much, just enough to give the root balls of the plants something to lie on.

Step 2

Place the plants in rootball-first from the outside through the large holes. After each plant, clip in a patch starting bottom first and push in at the top.


Continue all the way around until all the row is complete. It should look something like this:


If you're using a smaller basket or the wall basket, all the holes should be filled by now and you can move on to step four.

Step 3

Cover the bottom layer of plant root balls entirely with compost, up to the start of the next patch holes to repeat the process.


Once you're done, you should have something like this:


Step 4

Fill the basket to the very top with compost. At this point, you can carry on as you would with any other basket. Choose your centrepiece and fill in around with the plants you've chosen.


Use your hand to push the compost to one side and place the plants quite close together. Don't worry too much about the rootballs, you can push down quite firmly with most plants without causing any damage.


Step 5 (optional)

Now would be a good time to apply some feed. If you're using a long-lasting tablet feed such as Osmocote) then apply three tablets equally distant about two inches deep. There shouldn't be any trouble just pushing them in directly. Otherwise, a liquid feed once a week will help the plants grow big and bushy. We've found that Miracle-Gro or, in a pinch, Tomorite both work exceptionally well.

And there we have it! In a few weeks time, this basket will be enormous with very little visible plastic. And you can re-use the same basket next season!